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Turn your supply chain data into revenue

Powered by the Unova Blockchain

    Supply chains need better infrastructure because data is siloed, hindering operations & analytics

    We help future proof your supply chain and operations!
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    What solutions do we provide?

    Supply chain traceability & visibility tools

    Get access to the raw material/product information your current ERP system does not have from partners.

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    Demand predictions / Inventory visibility

    Reduce inventory and increase your profitability while still guaranteeing deliveries to your customers

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    Consulting and strategic advice

    We want your business to keep performing for decades by helping you get access to the latest technologies

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    We enrich your existing platforms and production lines with new technologies such as:

    • Blockchain/Web3
    • Smart contracts
    • Supply chain wide applications

    We guarantee continuity of your existing systems and production lines

    Powered by the ultimate Multi-Layered privacy preserving Web3/blockchain infrastructure for Supply Chain and Real-World Asset use cases

    Learn more about Unova-MainnetUnova blockchain explorer

    Get access to the information that your ERP system does not give you yet!

    ESG regulation and reporting obligations are changing fast, support your claims with Hubwatch!

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    Advice & consulting services

    Are you worried about not having the right data available in your company production process? Schedule a meeting, we have the operational technology partners that can help you!

    Do you have other ideas on how to use this technology?

    Any general questions?

    ask via our form and we will get in touch!