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About us

Hubwatch is the sub brand of Unova focussed on supply chain wide applications and solutions.

For any other blockchain solutions, consulting or education on web3 technologies feel free to reach out to


The future of supply chains is digital, with digital identities of all products flowing through global supply chain processes and connected systems.

Streamlined processes and collaboration with supply chain business partners will increase the quality of products and profitability of every stakeholder.

On an IT level, supply chains will function as a single efficient entity where all stakeholders (companies, regulators, end consumers) have access to all the data they need.


Give access to all the relevant traceability data that current ERP systems don’t provide.

Increase trust and brand differentiation through data and visibility.

Support ESG claims and simplify compliance reporting to future-proof operations.

Become the search engine (or google) for physical products and related information.

What Google did for general information and searches Hubwatch does for physical assets flowing through complex processes across many stakeholders.

How we work

Companies can get in touch with us for any information or consulting advice with regard to our software solutions.

We partner up with consulting firms that help introduce supply chain wide applications to their clients.

In finding the right solution for any company we are the technology partner that ensures the desired result is achieved.

In need of any customised solution? We are ready to expand our supply chain product offering! Examples: new smart contracts, new APIs, new applications,etc,…

Do you have other ideas on how to use this technology?

Any general questions?

ask via our form and we will get in touch!

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