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Hubwatch is your partner for future-proofing your supply chain.

We manage your project from A to Z: from analysis to implementation to support. We think along at a strategic level, fine-tune every solution to your company and involve the right implementation partners. 

Figure out the readiness level of your organisation: 

Up and running in just days or weeks instead of months! 

The introduction of our technology in most cases is feasible in days or weeks instead or months so we can onboard your entire supply chain in the fastest possible time.

We understand your internal process may need an Operational Technology (OT) update 

We work with the right partners to help you get ready to introduce Hubwatch solutions. This can be both operational and a technical. 

Do you need any customisations or help with setting up you Watchtower? 

In most cases our solutions work right out of the box! 

However, we are available for building any additional customised applications, watchtower criteria or smart contract at early adopter pricing!

We partner with our customers to create the solutions that benefit the whole ecosystem!


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