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Modeling of complex relationships of off-chain supply chain data

Traceability in less than 1 second!

Making sense of complex supply chains

Supply chains are often complex, products split, converge, undergo several events, and even the companies through which the products flow will be different in each chain.

Pre-structuring supply chain data in the DB

GraphDB automatically creates the structures during the creation/registration of these events and stores them in those structures. In this way, every chain, in every industry can easily implement our tools and be sure that all traceability data is available in just milliseconds.

In this way you have access to all events related to the raw materials or products at any step in the production process. You can simply perform automatic software-controlled checks in real time that guarantee that the raw materials that go through the process have indeed undergone all the correct production steps and meet the right specs!

This GraphDB is already built into the Enterprise node by default, so you don’t have to worry about this!

GraphDB powers Trace API

Get acces to all your supply chain related data in milliseconds!

View Trace API

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