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Hubwatch helps you

Support your ESG claims

Track the provenance of raw materials and products, ensuring that only sustainable and ethically-sourced materials are used. This would not only support your company’s ESG claims, but also help to improve its brand reputation.

create a tamper-proof record of your company’s ESG performance and allow suppliers, customers, end consumers, investors and other stakeholders to see exactly how well your company is doing in terms of its environmental and social impact.

New ESG regulation mandates multi-tier supply chain visibility

ESG regulation and reporting obligations are changing fast, mandating companies to fulfill their due diligence by monitoring their supply chains and providing ESG data supporting their claims. 

Germany’s new Supply Chain Act (Lieferkettengesetz) 

Mandates companies to fulfill their due diligence obligations by monitoring their supply chains for human rights violations and compliance with specific environmental standards and aggregate & report the ESG data to verify compliance.

  • Into effect on January 1, 2023
  • Fines of up to EUR 8 million for violations of due diligence and reporting obligations
  • Breaches can lead to exclusion from entering into contracts with German public entities
  • Global Impact as due diligence is obligatory on entire supply chain, regardless of where vendors are located
De EU-Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

Mandates companies either based in the EU, or that have subsidiaries within the region, to increase trust in ESG reports and bring greater transparency to sustainability information. This information will become an obligatory part of the annual report and will need to be treated with the same degree of rigor as financial information.

  • Into effect on January 1, 2024 (for the 2023 financial year)
  • According to the Commissions’ requirements within the Directive, the sanctions can be expected to be significant
  • 2023 is closer than it seems. To be fully prepared, businesses should start sharing tamper-proof data across their supply chain now

Be prepared and stay compliant!

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And reach your ESG objectives

Blockchain technology is an immutable database that can help track supply chains and performance metrics and make impact more consistently measurable across industries. Having the correct data and infrastructure in place, allows you to reach your ESG objectives 

Improve Collaboration 

Trust in supply chains is often in short supply. Blockchain pairs a shared source of truth with smart contracts that automate business processes. This ensures that every actor is held to the same rules and increases trust in the system.

Increase Consumer Trust

Blockchain technology can track ingredients along a supply chain to ensure quality & differentiation. This lets ESG managers report on the environmental impact of the production of goods throughout a supply chain and share accurate data with end consumers.

Feel In Control 

We don’t suggest manually tracing all assets. Instead, automated scripts can do this for you. Knowing you have all the data whenever you need it and can visualize it gives back control.

Collect Trusted ESG Data

The Unova blockchain helps companies measure the impact of their operations on the environment. It can even be the water consumption of the specific product and knowing their records are immutable and trustworthy.

Meet ESG Compliance Requirements

ESG metrics are self-reported. The Unova Web3/blockchain infrastructure combined with Hubwatch solutions enables all parties to track standards easily, automate compliance reporting and meet compliance requirements.

Why use Hubwatch for ESG?

Hubwatch applications are built on Unova using its readily available Web3 technologies. Rather than starting a lengthy consulting project or developing in-house solutions, Hubwatch allows you to directly implement solutions so you can see results in days/weeks instead of months/years.

Blazing fast & simple implementation

No need to have a highly skilled development team

Only need to locate the data in internal systems

Simple APIs

Support from Hubwatch team & partners

Operational continuity remains intact

No need to replace existing systems

Core applications & user interfaces can be installed in minutes

Amazing low cost per transaction

Pay per bundle of assets/events

Based on your data needs

Built-In Monitoring and Smart Contract Management

Early adopter pricing

No need for lengthy expensive blockchain development (save months in time and money)

Flexible pricing model that allows you to select the parameters

Designed for supply chains 

Created in cooperation with the industry

Industry agnostic data model

Traceability and ESG data in less than 1 second

On-Chain and Off-Chain Services

Privacy & data distribution control

Supply chain business partner grouping

Secure Key Management

Auditable by design

Fully independent onboarding 

No need to convince other stakeholders from day 1

Automatic linking of data & traceability

Self-hosted nodes, Applications, DBs, and APIs installed with a single command line

Solutions available out of the box

Onboard all your suppliers of even the most complex products with a single system

Flexible pricing model that allows you to select the parameters

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

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