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Demand predictions / inventory visibility 

Reduce inventory and increase your profitability while still guaranteeing deliveries to your customers. 

Gain confidence in your suppliers’ abilities to deliver on time, always!

Streamline the whole process. 

Read more about how you can reduce your safety stock, reduce working capital, and increase your profitability here!

Inventory visibility API

The inventory visibility API tells you the status of your inventory at your customers facility or even the customer of your customer. Even when the product is transformed into another product the inventory API can tell you the status and when you will be required to ship a new delivery. 

Accurate demand predictions 

Reduce working capital requirement 

Plan your production

Reduce safety stock 

Reduce inventory 

Plan deliveries 

Reduce your energy bills 

The result is a large increase in overall enterprise value! Who doesn’t want to make more money? 

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